Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Greasy Strangler by Jim Hosking (2016) - "Hootie Tootie Disco Cutie!"

"The Greasy Strangler" is an odd duck of a film that centers on, Big Braydon, a man-child who lives with his father/landlord, Big Ronnie, an old man whose interests are disco and grease.

Braydon is a severely socially limited man. 
To be honest, he made me think of the worst-case scenario of what Napoleon Dynamite could grow up to be.

Braydon's boring life is shaken up by when he starts to suspect that Ronnie is the serial killer known as The Greasy Strangler. 

At the same time, he meets Janet, played by Elizabeth De Razzo, and falls in love. It feels like the worst thing for his victims isn't death as much as it is having those greasy, greasy hands around their necks.

The story follows not only the murders but an insane love triangle between Braydon, Ronnie and Janet.

Throughout the film, I kept being reminded of John Waters. It's as if director Jim Hosking was brought up on a steady diet of "Pink Flamingos" and "Hairspray."
After one viewing, it looks like he succeeded, but we'll have to wait a decade or so to see if we're still watching "The Greasy Strangler."

In the end, this film is as disgusting and hilarious as the title suggests. Everything Ronnie eats is either cooked in, slathered in, or dipped in grease. 

Yes, you will cringe while watching this movie.

Whether you're a Waters fan or like cult films, I highly recommend you watch "The Greasy Strangler." 

It really is a wonderful, revolting experience.

We, the audience already know that Ronnie is indeed The Greasy Strangler as we've seen him in action. Ronnie's murders are more gross than gruesome.

Of course, these two story lines come together to give us a bizarre twist before its puzzling ending.

It's obvious that Hosking set out to make a cult classic. And I think he did. History will tell.

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